I Won’t Be Publishing My Memoir

Today was meant to be my book release for West Coast Girl. I decided not to publish it. I went with my gut feeling on this one. Everyone who bought it on pre-order will be refunded automatically. My apologies to anyone who was hoping to buy it on Amazon, but it is available for free right now on my blog! That’s right. You can read it any time here.

I hope whoever reads it finds it inspiring – there are a few dark parts, but overall the experience out west writing, dating, working, and exploring was wonderful and freeing. I think the biggest lesson West Coast Girl can teach you is that your travel journey won’t always be all laughter and rainbows, but it will help you become more in tune with your needs and values so that you can fully enjoy all the good times.

Here are the chapters of “West Coast Girl” listed in order for you to read anytime:

To Write Is An Adventure (Pt 1)

Writing In The Mountains (Pt 2)

Balancing Writing & Travel (Pt 3)

Living The Dream In Banff (Pt 4)

When Traveling Gets Dark (Pt 5)

A Romance In The Mountains (Pt 6)

From Alberta To B.C. (Pt 7)

The Grass Is Always Green (Pt 8)

Knowing What It’s Like To Thrive (Pt 9)

Writing & Growing (Pt 10)

Return To Banff (Pt 11)

Back In My Dream City (Pt 12)

Having The Time Of My Life (Pt 13)

Facing Wolves (Pt 14)

It Began With A Collarbone Kiss (Pt 15)

Looking Upon The Rockies As A Different Girl (Pt 16)

Writing During A Pandemic (Pt 17)

When All You Need Is Nature & Space (Pt 18)

An Amazing Summer In North Vancouver (Pt 19)

Fulfilling Dreams (Pt 20)

Living My Life In Gastown (Pt 21)

From Vancouver To Whistler (Pt 22)

Return To Beautiful Vancouver (Pt 23)

Leaving My Dream City (Pt 24)

Thanks so much for checking out my blog today! I really appreciate it. ❀



    • Thank you so much! I appreciate it. πŸ™‚ I actually got cold feet the day before. I just realized there could be potential legal issues depending on who read it and I just didn’t want to get into all that. I think memoirs can be great for blogs, though. πŸ™‚

      • I’ll have to think about the blog route. An interesting idea. Love too how it shows up on your page. Now the hard part …. Putting my butt in my seat and actually doing the hard part of writing it!! 🀣🀣🀣 Anyway, congratulations to you! Exciting time.

  1. Thank you Sara for making a post with all the chapters. Like the other Thomas I am not fond of Amazon either. They are too big and they sometimes don’t treat customers and authors right. Unfortunately, there are not many other options. There is IngramSpark but my book sold about 10-15% on IngramSpark compared to what it sold on Amazon. Because of their dominance Amazon can get away with mistreating people and there’s not much to do about it.

  2. I am publishing my first novel with Barringer Publishing. Right now, we are doing the editing. I hope to have my first novel published this summer. I am very excited as it is a lifelong dream of an English major to publish a novel.

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