When You Follow Your Dreams & They Don’t Go Exactly As Planned

Several years ago I wanted to be an author. I ended up choosing to be an indie author to see how my books would do. I did believe they’d take off one day so I built an organic following on Twitter, WordPress, and Bookstagram.

I learned it takes alot to make a supplementary income off your books. I’ve consistently made monthly sales, but they’re not enough to pay for a bill or get me ahead financially.

So what happens if your dreams to be a full-time author don’t work out despite publishing several books, marketing them, and growing your following? Well, you take stock at what you did achieve.

I wrote the stories I wanted to write. I’ve gained readers. Some people enjoy my work and a few even still think about the stories they’ve read by me. I’ve also encouraged other people to follow their dreams, whether that’s writing or not.

There is also always the chance that one of my books could take off or they may never take off. What matters is I went for it knowing there was a chance things might not go how I planned. If I didn’t try it, I’d never know what could have been.

So follow your dreams. Even if they don’t work out exactly as you planned, you’ll be happy you actually went for them.



  1. “So follow your dreams. Even if they don’t work out exactly as you planned, you’ll be happy you actually went for them.”

    This! This right here! This is the best advice that you could give anyone! 💣

  2. That is true! And if you have to keep a day job full or part time for awhile …until you retire or become a best selling author or, should it be the other way around…anyway do it!

  3. Good advice Sara, plus I believe sometimes it’s the process and the journey that carry more value than whether or not the goal is fully achieved. 💫

  4. I agree, even if your books don’t take off, they are pieces of art and thoughts that many people have enjoyed and gotten something from. My horizons have certainly grown from reading them. It is also special that you know the author a little bit from a blog and comments. It makes the books more personal. Many good indy-authors offer something that the big commercial ones don’t offer. Also who knows what the future will hold.

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