A Blogger Takes The Histrionic Personality Disorder Screener


I’ve taken a few different mental health screeners and thought I’d give this one a try. When I had a different Quora account back in 2020, a guy who identified as a psychopath messaged me and told me he was sure I had Histrionic Personality Disorder because my brain was hyper-feminine and attention-seeking. Of course, I knew what he was doing: Trying to create conflict. Granted, it was during the pandemic and I was spending a lot more time on there than usual – posting photos and processing my random thoughts for all to see. It’s not a crime to wonder if someone might have this disorder or that disorder, but I think a lot of times someone can demonstrate 2 or 3 symptoms of a disorder and not actually have the disorder – for most diagnoses you need at least 5 of the traits on a consistent basis to fit the criteria of a disorder.

While I don’t believe I have Histrionic I’m curious to see what my score is. Keep in mind this is mainly out of curiosity. I don’t take everything everyone says about me to heart.

Histrionic Personality Disorder is grouped in Cluster B of personality disorders including Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Antisocial Personality Disorder. It can cause distress for the person who has the disorder including those close to them.

As someone who has graduated from a therapist college program, I’ve studied all the different mood and personality disorders. It’s important to note only a qualified psychologist/psychiatrist can diagnose someone properly and these tests are only meant to screen for a possible issue.

Without further ado, let’s see if there’s a chance I could have some Histrionic traits.

The Screener

#1 I’m told that I “fish for compliments” about my physical appearance.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

( I’m online and can be socially active at times. Some people get the wrong idea)

#2 I feel uncomfortable and upset when people don’t pay attention to me

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

(This only applies if I’ve been dating someone and they suddenly drop off the radar, or if people I’m used to talking to suddenly become cold)

#3 I take pride in my physical appearance and spend lots of time and energy on clothes and grooming

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

(I make an effort to stay fit, take care of my skin, dress well, and do my hair/makeup. It’s the truth).

#4  I often and easily change my opinions based on what others say and do.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

(This is pretty rare. I have a strong sense of self)

#5 I’m told that I have a flair for the dramatic.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

(I think I’m at a greater risk of being called boring)

#6 I do not like to stick to a routine. I crave novelty and excitement.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

(I *need* routine or I practically collapse)

#7 I find myself fabricating, exaggerating, or embellishing stories to make myself and/or my stories seem more interesting to others.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

(I find no reason to lie or exaggerate)

#8 I typically take relationships more seriously than do my partners.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

#9 I tend to act on impulse and seek instant gratification.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

(I can be impulsive sometimes, but I think I’m a pro at the delayed gratification thing)

#10 People accuse me of faking my emotions and feelings.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

(Most people tend to sense my authenticity.)

#11 I am accused of being too provocative and/or acting in inappropriate, sexually suggestive manners.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

#12 My emotional reactions are stronger and more exaggerated than those of most people I know.

Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

My Score: 23/48 (A high score is considered to be 36 or more)

My Thoughts

It looks like the biggest risk for me is that I’m pretty normal. Most people could score high in a couple of these and average/low in others. Once again, things aren’t always what they seem. The way a person looks or seems online can be very different from who they are in real life in how they act with others and/or the world.

If you score high on this screener it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have HPD. However, if you’re feeling distressed or low, it’s a good idea to speak with a mental health professional. They can help you work through your feelings with therapy and support. At the end of the day, mental health is about treating the individual, not about any one label or disorder. There is nothing wrong with having HPD or any type of disorder for that matter as long as you take the steps necessary to be accountable for your actions and take care of your mental health.

Thanks so much for reading! 🖤


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