I’ve Been An Indie Author For 11 Years

January 2023 marks the spot – I’ve been an indie author for (over) 11 years now! I believe it has been successful for two reasons. #1 it made me feel happy and made me excited to wake up every morning and #2 other people have read and enjoyed my books. Some have even left a review!

It’s been quite a fun journey. While I have decided to wrap up my writing, I will always be an author. I have 16 books to read from now, so there is much to choose from if you’re interested in checking them out. You can view the “Read My Books” tab to have a browse if you are so inclined.

I like the idea of someone discovering one of my books 2, 5, and 10 years from now and I’ll remember how fun it was to write that specific book. I will continue to market my stories every so often, though I’ve been cutting back this year. My books will probably never make it big and that’s okay. I sort of like the idea of people stumbling upon them randomly.

Thank you so much for following my writing journey and my blog. I will continue to post photos and anything I might find to be helpful or inspiring to you all. ā¤



  1. 11 years is a long time. Have you ever had a publisher or agent try to contact you? I believe this was how many successful Indie writers like Victor Methos became mainstream.

    • I did have someone contact me on Twitter once. He didn’t like the two books I submitted, but it’s nice he took a chance on me. It was an indie press for shorter stories so I thought they’d have a good chance, but it’s tricky when people are pretty subjective about what they want.
      I did recently have The Broken & The Foolish accepted by a western publication. I’d sought them out on my own so it wasn’t a vanity publisher, but they wanted me to contribute a significant sum to the distribution so I had to refuse.
      I appreciate you acknowledging the time spent on all this and thanks for asking if I’d been contacted.
      And that’s true alot of successful authors started out indie. In all honesty, knowing what I know now I don’t want to be remotely famous. I’d rather just disappear. Lol

      • It is nice to fly under the radar at times! Some publishing houses do charge for the editing and the formatting which it helps immensely along with distribution as they have access to a wider distribution including libraries. My publisher did charge me but I felt the price was very fair for the editing and all they did. Also, they are in the library, many books published by Barringers.

      • True. šŸ˜… I find sometimes you can attract the wrong people if it seems like you’re looking for attention online and the right kind of people stay off the online world as much as they can. With certain exceptions of course.
        Oh that’s interesting you paid for some of the publishing of your books. It would be nice to see your books in libraries and stores.
        Fair price or not, I didn’t have the kind of money to put toward that and I guess it wasn’t important enough to me to go out and make up that money. I think I only went for publication in the first place to please a guy who broke my heart.
        I’m done with the publishing thing now, but I’m glad it all worked out that way for you and that you’re happy. šŸ™‚

      • I am as it is a process. I would have paid someone for all the services provided, so I am happy they took off the stress from me. They only publish only about 15 %, so I feel it is a win. I also get to write using my time in our cupcakery and working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi. It is fiction-the plot but sometimes life does imitate art!

      • I’m glad it worked out well for you. I’m happy with the path I took. When we try to follow another’s wishes or dreams, we become sick or regretful. Best to do what works best for you.
        That’s awesome! I’m done with writing, but glad you’ve got time to do it when you like. šŸ™‚

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