Why I Use KDP Select For My Books

I personally enjoy using KDP Select as an indie author. While it does prevent you from publishing through other publishers, it gives you some great benefits if you like to stick with Amazon exclusively.

KDP Select Allows You To Run Countdown Deals & Free Book Promotions

If you want to offer a special deal or a freebie to your readers (and new readers), KDP allows you to do this. Offering specials on your books is a great way to market and spread the word about your books. Particularly with free book deals, you can gain a new reader who wouldn’t have taken a chance on your work otherwise.

KDP Select Pays You When Someone Reads Your Book Through Kindle Unlimited

The great thing about Kindle Unlimited is that readers will stock up on books they find interesting since they’re paying by month, not per book. While they’ll be getting the books for free, the author gets paid per pages read. This is a pretty nifty tool. Especially if you’ve published multiple books, having a Kindle Unlimited customer as a reader is very helpful to both of you.

You Sell More Books Through KDP Select

Because your book is available to Kindle Unlimited users, you have a much higher likelihood of selling more books and gaining more readers. People who are willing to pay for KDP Select are true e-book lovers – and they will often be less picky about who they read since they are not paying per book. It seems like a wise idea to have your books available to these readers. This is probably one of the best way to reach more readers for free.

They Pay You If Your Book Does Really Well

If your book reaches top status on Amazon, KDP Select will pay you a bonus. Of course, it’s not easy to reach this level, but it’s nice to know it exists if our book happens to do really well.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks so much for reading me today! 🙂