Resetting Your Nervous System

Why Is Calming Your Nervous System Down So Important?

The primary (central) nervous system is located in the brain and spinal cord. It’s the command center responsible for sending important messages to the entire body (think of it as your body’s very own carrier pigeon). If you can breathe, move, think, and function under pressure, you can thank your primary nervous system!

The peripheral nervous system works with the central nervous system by branching across the body to reach every organ and limb. 

There’s also the famous vagus nerve, which stems from the brain down through the neck and abdomen to regulate the digestive system and many other organs.

When your nervous system is overworked, your body may enter a chronic state of fight or flight. This is when your body believes it’s in danger — even when it’s not.

(Source: Body Bio)

What Can We Do To Re-Set An Out Of Whack Nervous System?

– Deep breathing exercises (Opt for a Youtube tutorial to help you breathe intentionally)

– Acupuncture or EFT (Visit a local specialist for more information)

– Go on a hike or nature walk

– Decrease Adrenaline Output (Opt for lower impact workouts, happier movies or shows, stopping yourself if you start ruminating about something you can’t change or do anything about in the moment)

– Yoga

– Decrease the stress in your everyday environment

– Live in a place/area that doesn’t make you feel stressed or on edge

– Nurture healthy relationships in your life and limit contact with people who upset or stress you out

The great news is that over time your body will begin to heal and re-set when you do things to help it recharge and re-set itself. It is better to target the root of the problem than rely on drugs or medications when you’re stressed out or healing from trauma.

I hope you all found this helpful today. ❤



  1. At first, I was thinking, “Wow, this person is on the same trek as me!” But then I realized I was incorrect. The one line you put out was one I’m having a very difficult time with completing.

    My son’s gf takes control of every conversation I attempt to have with him. If I refuse her calls, she calls on my son’s phone. So, I had to explain to him that now he will need to leave a message.

    At any rate, she “speaks” for him and is always working on controlling the conversations, etc, around her. It’s so annoying.

    Anyway, that’s the one aspect you mentioned I need to learn self-control about. It’s driving me mad.

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