Travel/Road Trip Movies I Love

Tracks (Female Lead Solo Travel)

Into The Wild (Male lead solo journey. Warning: It’s a tear jerker at the end!)

Wild (Female solo journey. Also a major tear jerker!)

True Spirit

The Go-Getter (A guy and girl go on a road trip – after he steals her car!)

Thelma & Louise (A classic!)

Almost Famous (Another classic!)



  1. haven’t heard of any of these before (OOPS SORRY I AM TRASH AT EVERYTHING MOVIES AND KEEPING IN THE KNOW) but some of them look so interesting?? THANK YOU FOR THE RECS I LOVE THIS. (ALSO SO MANY TEAR JERKERS. i love tear jerkers)

  2. Thelma and Louise. Although I don’t like the ending. But the friendship between the two women is something I patterned in my novel. And it has the aura of bad girl, somewhat or maybe smarter girl.

  3. Actually I haven’t read any of them but it really sounds so cool and fun watching these movies and your trips! It’s a thrill experience I thinkπŸ€—πŸ˜‰

  4. Always looking for Classic Thrillers. Thanks. Nice to come by your interesting blog. Also welcome to visit my engaging travel & lifestyle blog. Thanks. Bliss.

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