Believe You Deserve Happiness

It can take some trial and error to figure out what works best for us, but when you know you deserve happiness you’ll always go in the direction that will make the good things happen.

In contrast, people who don’t believe they deserve happiness will often put themselves in harm’s way. They’ll put barriers up when someone or something adds goodness to their life, they’ll run full speed into risky or dangerous situations because deep down they believe they don’t really deserve peace, happiness, love, etc. When people feel unworthy, they ignore boundaries others set and push themselves into places that aren’t good for them rather than respecting others’ boundaries and going where they’re appreciated.

Everyone deserves peace and happiness. When you believe you deserve happiness, your choices will reflect that.

The person who gave you their number probably does want to get to know you. That job may not be the most exciting, but it’ll give you stability and help you save money. That group of people who invited you out for dinner probably do want to get to know you. Those people who gaslight you and want you to put your safety at risk probably don’t care about you – listen to that gut feeling. What if you don’t need to rely on fake accounts and vague signs to communicate with your crush, because real love is out there waiting for you when the time is right?

Thank you so much for reading today. ❤


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