When The Amazing Day Is Over

I love the way that we are fully in the moment for an event, deep conversation, or a vacation. We don’t usually think about the future in those epic moments, because we’re fully engaged in the moment. Since my childhood, I’ve actually made efforts to stop and take in the moment while it’s happening – almost like a recording so my brain won’t file the memory away too deeply. Of course, you can’t freeze time, but you can be present while it’s happening.

It’s always a crazy feeling once that big day/night is over and your routine is suddenly back to normal. I’m someone who actually enjoys having a routine that allows me to enjoy the day to day. While my usual life could seem pretty boring, it’s overall quite nice and peaceful. However, my special days really shine. They bring a lot of happiness, fun, and socialization that stands out from my other predictable days then suddenly, it’s all over. You’re waving to your sister as the train leaves after a fun night having dinner and drinks on the patio. You get off the bus after an amazing trip to the big city to see a concert. You’re leaving the city of your dreams to go back home. You get back home after a great series of fun days with your cousins – and you won’t be seeing them for a few months. You’re about to leave a place after connecting with someone, but you didn’t have the chance to get their contact information. You’re about to start a new job after having a wonderful vacation.

Those fun days with people you love are what life’s all about. There’s a phenomenon called “Happiness Hangover” where you feel sad at the realization that the fun moment you were looking forward to is over. Rest assured, it’s just a hangover and it’s completely normal. It’s not depression or grief, but a normal part of life after experiencing fun for a short period of time. This happens to me even though I love my usual life.

I realize this could be stating the obvious (I do that sometimes), but what I’m getting at is how amazing it is that we can have a happiness hangover after experiencing something grand with great people. It means we’re living life and feeling things we need to feel. After one amazing event ends, we will want to plan for another one. When we miss someone’s company, it encourages us to reach out to them and make plans again. When one era of our life ends, we can look forward to the next one.

The best way to get over a post-event slump is to recognize it’s normal to feel sad that the big day/night is over. Naturally, when we’re feeling more excited and happy than usual, that feeling will mellow out once the occasion ends, which can make us feel a little “down” in comparison. It’s human to feel a mix of happiness and sadness when something great happened.

One of the best ways to help cure a happiness hangover is to make plans for something you can look forward to again in the near future.

Life is amazing. If you’ve ever felt a little sad or bummed after an event has ended, just remember it’s totally normal to feel that way. Exciting and joyous moments are special because they don’t happen as often (We’re not designed to have epic days every single day. They would cease to be special and it would become stressful. Balance is key.).

You can definitely try to make every day a good day, of course, but those special days exist because they give you extra time with those you love or intense experiences you don’t normally get to have.

Remember to smile that it happened even though it’s over & keep making plans for future events that you can look forward to. ❀



  1. I know it may sound crazy, but I still can’t let go of the memories of being a little girl at summer camp. Those were the best days of my childhood, before we had Internet, or social media, when people would all get together to get to know one another, and share good times and bad times. There was a deep sense of comrade that I tried to make last a lifetime, but eventually everyone simply grew up and went away, leaving me with only memories of how things used to be.

    Thank you for your post; it brought back a lot of nostalgia for me. πŸ™‚

    • That’s wonderful you felt some nostalgia. I hope that gave you a good feeling!
      I has to go to camp as a teen and kind of hated it except for one summer my cousin went with me & we met 3 other cool girls. It was a Christian camp and the preaching got psychotic sometimes.
      It’s nice when you hear about kids actually enjoying camp.

  2. The best thing about your article is in comprehending the contagiousness of positivity.

    Thanks for spreading the germ. πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, Delightful and amazing blog post Sara my friend. The topic really is well orchestrated “WHEN THE AMAZING DAY IS OVER” , it does make one to ask themselves what does that mean?

    It is like the title of a book and honestly I like titles that grab a reader’s interest from the onset. This blog if I can summarize, talks about the importance of appreciating those amazing days, those joyful and exciting days that don’t come around often. It can be that day with your family when you were out having a family lunch and you laughed and had a great time plus living in the moment. It can that day when you attending an event and met new friends, connected instantly and exchanged numbers and the moment was a happy one for you. The key word in this blog is ‘Happiness” and looking forward to future events that excite you is the message of this post!

    Well written again SaraπŸ’―

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