Real Age Vs. Chronological Age

There is a thing called “biological age” which is different from chronological age. If you are healthy, fit, and think younger, your cell age can be a lot younger than your chronological age. In contrast, people who are sedentary and/or follow a lot of unhealthy habits can be much older than their biological age. Particularly once people are in the 25+ chronological age range, you’ll notice how similar some people can be even when they’re 10 or 15 years apart. Similarly, two people who are 55 could seem like they’re completely different ages if they’ve led different lifestyles or have different outlooks on life.

In the scheme of things, your physical and mental functions influence your identity a whole lot more than your chronological age does. A 40-something who keeps fit, loves new music, dresses trendy, and likes getting out to cafes and bars will get along more with a wider range of people than a 40-something who started feeling too old to try new things by the time they turned 28.

What Are Some Ways To Lower Your Biological Age?

While aging is inevitable, you can slow the process down and stay healthy for as long as possible when you make healthier choices.

Invest time in a regular exercise program – do something that is fun for you so you’ll stick to it. Resistance training is amazing for helping you stay toned and it helps maintain estrogen production in women and testosterone production in men.

Allow yourself to try new things and be curious. This is what helps keep the mind young.

Minimize stress in your life.

Eat nutritious foods and a well-balanced diet. Treat yourself sometimes. Balance is key to happiness.

Take supplements that support skin, nails, hair, strong bones, etc.

Invest in good skin care to help keep skin glowing and moisturized.

Take time to learn about your personal style. Some people really believe this is just for teenagers, but fashion is an art and can help you express your individuality while helping you feel more confident.

Reduce alcohol consumption.

Make time for healthy relationships. People who stress you out and make you feel bad about yourself can ruin your peace – and possibly add more wrinkles to your face. You’ve been warned!

Get enough sleep. Not enough sleep will leave you feeling tired and on edge which can influence how the rest of your day goes.

Laugh a lot. Joy is the spice of life. Surround yourself with people who make you smile and help you feel relaxed.