Finding & Knowing Your Glimmers

When it comes to mental health, triggers are a common topic. They are the things that can upset us or even set us back if we aren’t properly armed against them. A good mental health professional can help you figure out your triggers and tell you how to cope with them and how to limit them. A trigger is a signal that we are in danger or need to protect ourselves.

Then there is the glimmer. Don’t worry, this isn’t a new age spiritual term. Glimmers are the lovely things that calm us, give us peace, and remind us how happy we are to be alive – the opposite of triggers. I love the concept, because it’s focusing on the positive and it’s a productive way to help maintain good mental health. Knowing both your triggers and your glimmers are important.

Glimmers are unique to you. They are the things that bring you to a cool calm. A glimmer – what a lovely term.

After reading this, you might be nodding and realizing you already know most of your ‘glimmers’ but you didn’t have a language for them before. Maybe you haven’t spent a lot of time figuring out the things that make you feel calm and stable – and that’s totally okay. It means you have an amazing journey ahead of you – and you’re going to view life in a new light when you find them.

Some suggestions to find your glimmers:

*Make sure you’re getting enough time to yourself. Everyone needs some level of solitude (even extroverts) to figure out what truly makes them happy.

*Get to know yourself. Self-care is essential to mental health.

*Go on excursions or day trips around your area (By yourself or with another). See what sparks your interest, notice how you feel in certain areas. Do you feel more drawn to walk at a certain time of day/are there spots that bring you more peace than others? Does solo travel feel better, or do you prefer to be with someone?

*Practice mindfulness exercises.

*Take therapy sessions with a professional counselor. They can help you identify your triggers and what helps you feel grounded.

*Limit interactions with controlling/toxic people. They are energy-sucking and can distract you from your glimmers (Or they may even make you feel guilty for them).

What are my glimmers?

Sometimes it’s helpful to have an example.

Here some things that keep me grounded, calm, and happy to be alive.


*Good food

*Exercise/working out


*Quiet mornings

*Solo walks/hikes




*Good music


*Being around the sea/lake

*Taking pictures

*Talking with supportive people who make me laugh and feel comfortable

*Traveling by bus to get somewhere amazing

*Living in my own place



  1. Glimmers!!! Love that, Sara! I loved reading your list and getting to know more about you by finding out what makes you feel happy and safe. So good. Loved this post xx

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