West Coast Girl: A Memoir

Here are the chapters of “West Coast Girl” listed in order for you to read anytime

To Write Is An Adventure (Pt 1)

Writing In The Mountains (Pt 2)

Balancing Writing & Travel (Pt 3)

Living The Dream In Banff (Pt 4)

When Traveling Gets Dark (Pt 5)

A Romance In The Mountains (Pt 6)

From Alberta To B.C. (Pt 7)

The Grass Is Always Green (Pt 8)

Knowing What It’s Like To Thrive (Pt 9)

Writing & Growing (Pt 10)

Return To Banff (Pt 11)

Back In My Dream City (Pt 12)

Having The Time Of My Life (Pt 13)

Facing Wolves (Pt 14)

It Began With A Collarbone Kiss (Pt 15)

Looking Upon The Rockies As A Different Girl (Pt 16)

Writing During A Pandemic (Pt 17)

When All You Need Is Nature & Space (Pt 18)

An Amazing Summer In North Vancouver (Pt 19)

Fulfilling Dreams (Pt 20)

Living My Life In Gastown (Pt 21)

From Vancouver To Whistler (Pt 22)

Return To Beautiful Vancouver (Pt 23)

Leaving My Dream City (Pt 24)

“Some of us are wild ones”