Book Review: Squires (The Archers Of Saint Sebastian # 2)

My Review:

An excellent and spellbinding sequel! (To check out the book review for the first book in the series, Journeys, click here.)

I’m so happy to have read the sequel to Journeys! Squires is a continuation of the incredible epic story of a young girl who dreams of being a skilled archer – which means she’ll need to become the boy she’s always wanted to be.
I’m so happy Marieke’s skill has been improving enough to use a light bow with accuracy (Originally she was told by Taran that she should just use a cross bow). I loved getting to know the other characters better as well. Gilles is always there to look out for Marek when things get heated between her and Taran. Jurian is growing defiant of the saint after losing the love of his life.

The intense descriptions of the plague, apprenticeship tests, friendships, heart aches, and battles kept the story moving but nothing was rushed and I loved getting drawn into the guild’s universe. The depth of each character is top notch – Melissandre is more than meets the eye and the same can be said about Remy and Taran. I kept anticipating a full heart to heart between Marek (Marieke’s boy name) and Taran. (Spoiler alert) It was painfully close to finally happening, but something always stops them from saying their true feelings. I was shocked at how this book ended between them and look forward to seeing how things will play out in the next one! I was truly saddened at the realization that Taran is as tricky as the others have warned, but I have a feeling that he has fallen for Marek despite his original reasons for getting involved. On one hand, he is hateful toward Tristan and might have intended to toy with Marek in order to take her attention away from his rival, however, he’s helped her many times and has kept her deepest secrets, so he does show honour toward her in some ways. His forced engagement to Melissandre (Tristan’s love) complicates things further.
On that note, I found the uncomplicated friendship from Tristan to be refreshing for Marek. He’s the one constant in her life and they can always trust one another. One of my favourite conversations between them in this book is after Marek’s test where she did excellent on everything except for the final part. Tristan tells her “If you don’t make apprenticeship status, you don’t, but no one can take that shot at the pin away from you.”
I can’t wait for Masters!

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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