Book Review: The Life And Times Of Le Bronco

My Review:

A book that will warm your heart

I’m so happy I read this book about Bronco, an empathetic and mighty Leonberger. I love dogs and can relate to how they can steal your heart. I enjoyed the cool stories of Bronco and his friends (the family owned other sweet dogs as well). It’s always amazing how much dogs love their owners and Bronco also looked after the smaller dogs in the family. I hadn’t ever learned about Leonbergers before – and it turns out they’re a very rare and highly regarded breed. I enjoyed learning more about them and how they should be cared for. While their lives are shorter than most other dog breeds, they have big hearts.
This was a wonderful read! Anyone who Ioves animals (especially dogs) should pick up this book!

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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  1. Thank you so much Sara for reading and reviewing my book and for being so supportive. Thank you for placing your review on Goodreads I needed more reviews there. As you know I loved your book “The Pup and the Pianist” and I will buy more of your books shortly.

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