Book Review: The Pale Rose (A Housewife Detective Mystery Novella)

Book Description:

Amelia Humble had a secret.
She knew perfectly well that the criminal mind was something that proper ‘40s housewives, such as herself, just didn’t go poking about in. The trouble was she simply couldn’t resist.
Her unsuitable interests were splendidly concealed by her husband Charles, who had the occupation of private detective, and a reputation for being one of the finest investigative minds in England. Mind you, he hadn’t always carried such distinction, having little reputation for any particular shrewdness in his bachelor days; but it could not be denied that marriage had been the making of Charles Humble.
When a prominent socialite vanishes from her own cocktail party, leaving nothing behind save a solitary rose; Amelia isn’t about to pass up the prospect of wrapping her mind around such a conundrum. It’s not long before the mystery of the missing woman leads to a demand for ransom money, and amidst contradicting statements the once solid facts are left unrecognizably twisted.

My Book Review:

I haven’t read a cozy mystery in ages and this is exactly what I was hoping it would be. I love how the true mastermind is the detective’s wife, who goes digging for evidence while he questions all those involved in a crime. What I love about these types of mysteries is they always end up being the person you don’t expect. I love the era as well – as funny as this may sound, anything that puts me into that 101 Dalmatians aesthetic for a mystery novel is something I’ll enjoy. Great writing! I will have to check out the other housewife detective novel!

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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