Book Review: Restatement (Waive Further Review Book # 2)

My Review:

A great comedy that was everything I hoped for!

This sequel was everything I could have hoped for and more! From Senior 3 bushwacking down a mountain (on what was supposed to be a vacation) so he could make it back into work at Partner’s request to Manager’s wife negotiating a $10,000 bonus with Partner since he was called back into work on vacation, this story inspired a lot of laughter. I really enjoyed the wit and how things worked out for the accounting staff – it’s really what they deserved. I have to say the last line was iconic, much like the final line for Aiden’s first book. It really shines a light on the lack of humanity one can find in corporate culture.
Great read! Anyone who enjoys a smart comedy will love this book.

My Rating: 5/5 stars (It was everything a comedy should be – witty, hilarious, believable and likable characters, satire, etc.)

Where To Buy It: You can find all the available sites to purchase it on here.