Setting Healthy Boundaries As A Blogger


Blogging is a lot of fun. The best part about blogging is that you get to share some of your thoughts and ideas (Be it personal or professional). As you start to build an audience, you get to meet some amazing people online. As your blog grows, you will start to attract different types of readers and commenters. You will want to establish some sort of boundary system to prevent burnout and also to set the stage on how you want to to interact with others in the comments section. Without it, things could get out of hand where you’re either spending too much time on your blog or you might have certain commenters repeatedly causing discord.

Having set boundaries in place will reduce stress, maximize your time on WordPress, and make everyone happier on your blog. Please keep in mind that boundaries are about how far you ‘re willing to go or not go – it’s not about controlling the behaviour of others.

Here are some helpful boundaries that a blogger can set to make their time as happy & healthy as possible on WordPress:

#1 Decide How Often You Want To Post

Some bloggers post pretty much everyday. Others will post just a couple of times per month. Allow yourself to have a blogging routine that works best for you so you can blog at a frequency that is natural.

#2 Make A “Commenting Policy” On Your Blog

To prevent trolls, debaters, and the like from overtaking your blog’s comment section, you can make a commenting policy tab on your page. This lets people know your expectations for people commenting on your blog. They can then decide if they want to comment on your blog – if someone seems to be creating consistent discord, you can point them to commenting policy as a final warning.

Some examples of things you could add in your commenting policy:

  • Please read the entire post before commenting to prevent irrelevant/off topic comments
  • No swearing or insults allowed in the comments
  • Spam posts will be deleted

#3 Block Repeat Offenders On Your Blog

If you have given someone a few chances and they continue to post off-topic, mean-spirited, or otherwise troll-ish comments, it’s better to block them. It saves you time and they will get the picture when they notice that their comments are no longer posting. There’s only so much time in the day. If your blog isn’t making someone happy, there isn’t much point in them continuing to visit it.

#4 Decide How Personal You Want To Be

Some bloggers never share anything personal. Others build their whole platform by sharing elements of their personal life. It’s your choice how personal or professional you want your blog to look.

Some non-negotiables for many bloggers might be:

  • Never mentioning the names or personal details of friends or family
  • If writing a memoir, change the names of everyone for their protection and to prevent legal issues
  • Not sharing certain details about yourself – this line can vary depending on the person

#5 Saying Yes Or No To Requests

Sometimes people want to collaborate with us on certain projects. It’s important to determine what type of things you’re willing to collaborate on and which things you’d rather not do. As fun as a project might seem, be careful not to say ‘yes’ to things you might not have time for.

I hope you all found this helpful. Thank you so much for reading today!



  1. Setting a time to blog based on your schedule is very helpful! I do remember one time a blogger did not like the pics I posted with posters from our area praising a certain politician. He complained. I wanted to block him but upon second thought I told him the pics were randomly taken expressing the opinions of this area and that I would not cancel doing this as the blog was for more than one person and it depicted the truth. If he could not handle it, he was welcome to leave. He ended up staying and he is still one of my followers as I follow him. He is a very talented artist. I don’t agree with everything he says or does but I do like his art!

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